Hi :) I'm Cyan
I'm a Developer, Artist, Entrepreneur, Researcher.

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Google Product Expert

 Gmail |  Silver Product Expert
 YouTube |  Silver Product Expert
 Google Account |  Bronze Member
Please Check out  My Google Product Expert Profile

Google Apps Community Insights

Currently participating in Google ACI Program
Plus. certified as a  Google Local Guide

AppleSeed Program Participant

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Python Dev

I've been made several programs using python including GUI&Machine Learning Based Car Evaluation system.


I have a official license called 'GTQ' which means Graphic Technology Qualification for Photoshop of highest level.


I know lots of IT-related sites and services for us to make our lives better and do works effectively.


I also have   Verified Artist Profile on Spotify.
My musics are available on Spotify, Apple Music, Melon and other streaming platforms like YouTube or SoundCloud.